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Representative LaVonne Martin Shares Complete Relief Cream Success Stories in His Special Report

The following article is from Superior Beta MD Representative, LaVonne Martin's Special Intelligence Report - November Issue. Thank you for sharing such great success stories with your followers, LaVonne!

I’m writing this ‘Special’ information sheet because I have found something so amazing that I have to share it! It does not compete with our Immunotec products in any way, BUT it has been a life-changing experience for those with Neuropathy! That’s right, neuropathy. In most cases the only medical treatment is with pain pills and nerve-quieting medications (Lyrica) that have some huge side effects, especially over time. Just read the side effects of the ones used for nerves and it’s enough to scare you. Dementia is one side-effect, and who needs that? Then remember that they don’t always work, and when they do, it’s only for a short time.

I want to tell you about something that does work and has no side effects! (This is not a MLM Co.) The best part is it is affordable too. Most of you have known me over the past 23 years and realize I am not easily duped and I will research the heck out of products. In this case I went further. I had some people actually try this. I consider these people to be the worst-case scenarios because of the symptoms and the length of time they have been suffering.

Some of you have read about Tina in a past newsletter because she overcame 2 massive heart attacks with no damage to her heart. She has been an uncontrolled diabetic for about 15 years, which means she cannot take insulin or the pills. She has been on Immunocal/Platinum for those years and recently, the Optimizer, which really helped her. (I will put her story at the end of this for those who have not read it.) Tina feels that the Immunocal saved her heart from the damage caused from her diabetes.

Tina still had extreme neuropathy pain in her feet for the past 4 years after she was told to take statins because she had diabetes and heart attacks. She quit the statins, but the damage was done. There was no end to her pain. Night time was nothing but nightmares for her in the pain department.

After three days of rubbing a small amount of this cream on her feet (2 – 3 times the first days), the pain was gone! Can you imagine the relief and peace you get when you have suffered for so long? She is now able to go longer and longer periods of time before having to use the cream again.

There are many types of neuropathy and different causes. Marshal had a serious back injury years ago, and it flared up to the point he had to have his vertebrae fused together and new disks put in. Yes, that helped a lot of the pain in his back, but the neuropathy in his big toe would not go away. It was never- ending pain, hot, burning, and “needles” pricking him all the time. He took the Lyrica pills, but they only dulled the pain. He was trying to get off the pills because of the side effects but he could not. He tried this cream and had the exact same results as Tina! Now Marshal only has to use the cream once in a great while because he is not diabetic and his back has been fixed for the most part. The nerves are still damaged-that is what neuropathy does-but a little cream, and the pain is gone. He has told others that he would pay $100 for a jar because it has saved his sanity.

Then I have a very good friend of mine, Connie Desmond, who had her daughter try it for her finger. About 3 months ago, her daughter Nancy, was trying to break up two male pit-bull type dogs there were fighting like crazy. Unfortunately, she was bitten in her hand terribly. The Orthopedic surgeon said it would be difficult to even save her finger. So, after months of redness and horrible pain, with pain pills just taking the edge off, she tried this cream. She went home from Connie’s that night, and rubbed it carefully all over her finger. She called Connie right away and said, “Is this supposed to take the red out?” Connie not knowing how the cream works, just hoped that was part of the process. The next morning, Nancy applied the cream again, and the pain was gone. She was so afraid to tell Connie because she didn’t want to jinx the wonderful results!

This cream is supposed to be really good for healing skin problems, and I was told, that even plastic surgeons use it after surgery to speed healing! So right now, I have a truck driver trying the cream on his leg which has cellulitis from the ankle to knee. As you probably know, cellulitis is a skin infection that is very difficult to clear up and can lead to amputation. Tons and tons of antibiotics have been tried and this truck driver is going to try this, because nothing has worked.

I tried it on my big toe because I was given calcium channel blocker a few years ago for my high blood pressure. It did not work, in fact, it gave me neuropathy in my big toe! It was so irritating. Heat, redness, itching, and pins and needles and drive you nuts at times. I was lucky: it was tolerable 70% of the time. I tried this cream after I heard the results of Tina and Marshal, and it worked! My pain was gone in 24 hours and over the last 3 months, it came back, or started to come back one time, and I put the cream on and haven’t had a problem since. I am so excited to have it gone and be pain free. A side note here: I also worked on getting my blood pressure down, and I’m not on any medications.

I have had the privilege of talking to the founders of the company. Because this is not a network marketing company, I wanted all of you to get a great deal. In other words, who pays retail for anything these days? They have been kind enough to give all of us a 10% off retail price and free shipping! All you have to do is put the word Lavonne in the CODE space while checking out, and it does it for you! This is a very young company with the potential in the future of some great innovative products that will knock the socks off the competition.

Again, I love this product! I can’t help but tell all those with neuropathy to give this a try.

LaVonne Martin

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